SocksOff! on itunes Aug 26th 2014

DOWNLOAD "SocksOff!" Aug 26th, 2014
*Artist- JOELLE
*New Album- SocksOff! EP
*Release date- Aug 26th, 2014
*Where- Itunes or 
Thank you, is hardly enough of a statement to all of the enormously talented artists and people that have helped me gloss together my new album, SocksOff!
It has been a long one but finally it's here.

To continue to have the resources, support and funding to be able to go forward with what I am so passionate about is a true blessing and is unbelievable.....
Blessings such as, my Lord Jesus, Adam Stanton, Russell Broom, Drew Persram, Johnny Gasparic, Kay L, Daron Schofield, Ihart Photos, What's Your Point Productions, Jeff Dann, Rob Bauman, Alberta Music, Jessie Yardley, Cathouse, Viper Room and all my loving friends, family and fans!

May this blow your SocksOff!
May you connect in a way that provokes emotion.
May you feel your body parts moving to the beat.
May you push that button to repeat.
Will you download and share....This is my goal!

*Album hardcover coming soon! Let me know who wants one fresh off the press.
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